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Single Shot Turbojet Class A Foam Tanker Fire Truck
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It is mainly making use of aviation turbine jet engines produce high velocity gas (jet flow) as an extinguishing agent of the spraying power. It uses conventional fire engine's water tank, water pump, and have the same high-speed ability with conventional fire trucks.

Equipped with conventional fire fighting and turbojet  engine two sets of fire system. At the scene of the fire extinguishing, the turbine jet fire system will spray the extinguishant with high flow, high speed, high strength along horizontal direction. Spray distance≥100m, cover area 350㎡, long spraying distance, penetrate fire center ability, sufficient express advantage of superfine extinguishant big specific surface area, fire fighting ability strong, greatly improves the fire fighting efficiency, reduce the waterlogging disaster and environmental pollution.

After extinguishing fire, positive pressure ventilation will be implemented to change the wind direction in the disaster area, cooling the high temperature, diluting and absorbing toxic and harmful gases, in order to make the working environment favorable for rescuing and to ensure the security of firefighters.

It can use high-speed winds and high temperature flooding snow, fog and clear the barriers, make airports and highways clear.

The start system of the original turbojet engine will be altered from electric start to hydraulic start, avoiding the inconvenience of recharging the aircraft batteryies. At the same time, the fuel system will be altered from aviation kerosene to light diesel oil, solving problems such as difficulties in fuel supply and high cost of fire extinguishing.

Key technology, including vehicle structure,transducer devices, fuel system, start system has already obtained many national patents and utility patents.

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